Founder Lara Butera has built her career in International Education having lived and worked abroad for seven years before returning to the US in 2019. These personal and professional experiences have allowed her to clearly identify and deeply understand the unique needs of international students and their families, no matter which step in the process they may find themselves. 

As a result, she has become very well acquainted with the area independent schools and their admission offices, as her support and insight greatly benefits the schools recruiting international students themselves. An IECA member, Lara holds herself and team to the highest level of professionalism in the field.

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Recent Student Acceptances:

  • Untitled design (18)
    Brewster Academy
  • Untitled design (10)
    Cardigan Mountain School
  • Untitled design (22)
    New Hampton School
  • Untitled design (23)
    Deerfield Academy
  • Untitled design (17)
    Choate Rosemary Hall
  • Untitled design (26)
    Eaglebrook School
  • Untitled design (25)
    Dublin School
  • Untitled design (11)
    Pennington School
  • Untitled design (27)
    Worcester Academy
  • Untitled design (19)
    Kimball Union Academy
  • Untitled design (20)
    Kent School
  • Untitled design (21)
    Fessenden School
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