International Student Support also provides helpful services to schools directly:

The admissions landscape sees changes every year with its applicants, and the international market is no exception. As more international schools are sprouting up around the world, families are inundated with more choices, and many are beginning to question whether going abroad before University is even necessary.

At ISS we have found that student attrition decreases when both students and parents are highly involved and well-informed about the on goings of a school and fully understand and are aligned with the school’s mission and philosophy.

In order to help your institution maintain or increase the caliber of your international student population, ISS has expanded into the below personalized services for schools. Our many years of experience and understanding of this market can help you not only attract the right applicants, but help to keep the yielded student until graduation.

Recruitment and Marketing Support

  • School Tour Consultations:  Having repeatedly toured the majority of independent schools, we can provide essential feedback to making sure that your tour leaves prospective families with the most important and memorable information upon departure
  • Discuss and assess potential applicants to help increase yield (insights into student’s academic readiness, application trends, testing, interviewing & understanding  rigor and authenticity of schools)
  • Provide feedback on marketing materials to best present your school to prospective international families
  • Annual assessment of your admission and recruitment strategy
  • Spoken translation services for events held in China (school marketing events, meetings with headmaster, etc.)
  • Help garner interest/market your school via WeChat and other online avenues

Current International Student Support

  • Written translations for major events or school newsletters
  • In-person International Student Seminars 
  • Annual faculty trainings & seminars
  • Holiday hotel/homestay arrangements
  • Student Summer Academic Enhancement Plans
  • Online webinars for international families to introduce the US college process including timelines, expectations, To Do’s/Not Do’s, etc.
  • College tours & service learning trips over longer breaks
  • Individualized family services and more..
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